Eqvista is UP

We have been working very hard to launch our next company. Company shares management system. The system is free of charge.
The freemium  allows you to:

  • Add Unlimited Employees, Investors, Users
  • Add Unlimited Companies
  • Quickly see your cap table and manage all type of shares preferred or common
  • Manage Convertible Note, KISS, SAFE recording, Issue options
  • Equity Plan Management
  • Manage Employee Stock Options (ESO)
  • Set a Vesting of ESO
  • Waterfall Analysis
  • Financing Rounds Modeling

We will be charging for services as:

  • We can help you to set up your Cap Table
  • 409A Valuation

Please check out our new company Eqvista. You can create your own account and manage your shares in here.

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