Tomas Milar

Serial Entrepreneur with strong focus on companies’ growth

About me


“Start-Up Business Professional”

moreover, lives in Hong Kong.

Beginning his journey as a young entrepreneur in the Czech Republic back in 2006, Tomas has traveled the globe forming and growing international business projects and partnerships.

The business journey, started out with Startupr Hong Kong Limited, has led to the formation of an international company with six offices around the world. The business backbone is an investment, compliance, accounting and auditing services for SME.



“In a nutshell: Solid foundation to generate long-term income.”

“ I have also helped set up several branches for our client and generate revenue. Our customers/business partners are both big and small business entities.” (Tomas Milar 2017)

Providing financial operation, compliance services, financial advisory, business negotiation, accounting & auditing.

Founder of:

  • Scudu Ltd.,
  • IVS HK Ltd.,
  • Startupr,
  • MF AG,
  • GC Ltd.,
  • Binary X,
  • Partners Ardanas,
  • Cheops

I am also on the board of directors of several companies over-viewing the financials.

My expertise:

  1. Merger & Acquisition
  2. Company structuring
  3. Compliance
  4. Cross-border transactions
  5. Software development for business application systems


My Interests:

Management of digital assets and strategic targeting

My personal goal is to find good business opportunities and get them and customers. The power of business is in the customer base, and for this reason, I believe that every business needs to build a solid client foundation to succeed and prosper.

Entrepreneurial focus and expertise are directed toward:

  • Company services (legal, company formation, accounting & auditing)
  • Shipping
  • Financial Services
  • Insurance Services
  • Communication
  • Business Services
  • Marketing Services


Future Vision Plan:

I am currently moving to “Private Equity Investment,” leveraging the current business models through Artificial Intelligence and Internet Platforms.


The focus of the new business development will be in:

  • Online banking
  • SWIFT banking software
  • Compliance software
  • Back office management software
  • Financial prediction software

The revolution in Fintech has made the global challenge of integrated business management much easier. It is my firm belief that all business, whether large or small, seasoned or start-up, will have to take on board the latest technology to remain competitive.

Customers are becoming far more internet savvy, and the place for the entrepreneur is extremely dynamic, with business paradigm shifts occurring daily.

As a supplier of business services, I feel that I am well positioned to offer a broad range of expertise.