How to make $1,000,000 in revenue within a few days!

Education followed by the implementation of the learned knowledge is everything. Well, it is easy to say but many coaches are building up their carrier on this very pragmatic piece of advice. There are actually many of coaches and they got my attention because they have a wonderful business and I do respect them; however, they just tell you how everything is great if you follow their advice or idea. But I am afraid that their product is just great marketing.

YouTube, Facebook or LinkedIn advertise these self-proclaimed influencers who give advice on anything, how to become the best online stock trader, house flipper, online marketer, etc. I would really like to know who makes a fortune who makes a fortune following these specialists.

Of course, there might be a miracle and you could get very successful following their advice but I would be very careful with regard to whom you trust.

These coaches usually use the example of one of their students to demonstrate how their teaching skills really helped and try to convince you that this could be you within a few years or even months.

It really reminds me of the old fashion joke with sugar.

So, here is the deal of how to make $1,000,000 revenue within a few days!

  1. Buy $1,100,000 worth of sugar.
  2. Sell for $1,000,000.
  3. Boom. $1,000,000 in revenue !!!

This is actually how some of these companies and their founders operate. Again, there might be a few lucky people who really succeed and can get great business but from my own experiences, it takes time and loads of effort to get to the point of where you have achieved your goal!

Don’t believe anyone who tells you that they have the secret to success and focus instead on your essentials and your instincts, everything might look good but the truth is likely somewhere else.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t listen to any of these people but be careful who you follow, because in reality it might be that their business has $1,000,000 in revenue but is losing money. They might just build up their portfolio based on a marketing strategy and the product might just be their faces and a rented private jet in the background! Actually the opposite might be the truth and their company is losing money while they present themselves as somebody who is really successful.

Read everything and follow anyone who covers your topic, but remember one thing: You have a different business case, you are in a different environment. Choose your own path instead, it is much better than believing in others’ revenue.

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