How to overcome positive startup frustration

I’m launching a new business focusing on company valuation and managing shares. I might say that these new services are very close to our current business model where we offer company formation and auditing services; however, it is a totally new business model that requires completely new type of accounting structure with regard to auditing procedures.


We are contemplating procedures such IRC 409a valuation, ISO $100k limits, ASC 718, Rule 701, 83(b) election. Each of these regulations have certain rules and strategies about how to calculate them. If you’re completely new to this concept and are thinking to raise money for your startup I would suggest for you to familiarize yourself with all of these terms.


If you are launching a new business you need to go through several stages. I might also explain briefly the concept of “positive startup frustration”. We have many choices in our life; I have chosen to be an entrepreneur, and this is very advantageous as far as I’m the one who can decide what needs to be done rather than someone telling me what I should be doing. I’m very forward-looking though. Frustration comes from uncertainty when you have limited sources and need to make intuitive decisions every day about dozens of little things .


Here is my outlook on the most important part when I start any business.


Gathering of information – I guess this is the most important part that either leads to either success or fail. When I was starting any businesses I was either eager to study and learn it by myself or I hired people who would provide the part I didn’t know enough about. – I have learned everything with regards to company formation from the Hong Kong SAR Company Ordinance so we could advise our clients on all aspects of how to set up Hong Kong company. –  We also brew a beer. In this case, I outsourced this task and hired brewmaster, not having any knowledge in this speciality myself.


In order to focus on different parts of the business, you need to determine whether you can learn it by yourself or hire people to do it for you.There are too many elements to deal with so don’t be afraid that you miss something if you don’t know every small detail of the undertaking scope, because you can always excel in another aspect of the business.


Learning – Once you gather all information, you need to study every aspect of the business. This is the critical part of any startup and here is the option where you can outperform any competition. Some of the regulations processes and options change where the already established companies have no or little reason to innovate as far as they are profitable. This is your biggest advantage. The game at this point is different so you can come up with a completely new or innovative business model. – Back in 2011, Company Registry had launched an online company formation system and we were one of the first adopters. It is now 7 year later and the majority of company formation service providers still file company documents in paper form which works very well for our company. – we had difficulties to import our Nopal powder and so did our competitors. However, we overcame this part and learned how to get it done. The result has been astonishing, there is no competition in this field because the process of importing it was so difficult that most of our competitors gave up.


Implementing – This is the execution; I think that this part can be very frustrating as you need to find out the right concept for you business. There are loads of trials and errors but this is the way you succeed. You have just a few trials and limited time. With poor execution you get lost in the process. The key is to first get things right and ready for your clients. If you have any product, you just make sure that you can have it tested very quickly by your clients. Make sure that your clients have immediate access to test it. – We got better in marketing and are promoting online company formations. We had some competition but we have since advanced in marketing. We were able to move quickly in this field because my business partner had experiences in the food industry. – My partner was operating in the food industry for many years so we are able to have distributed our products very quickly.


Marketing – You need to do heavy lifting here. This is a never-ending job and you need to learn how to sell. I’m calling this as THE KEY to any rapid growth of any new business.


The biggest advantage is that as we are new in this industry; we strive to come up with totally new concepts and immediately harness the necessary energy. This is another very important part of any new business. It’s always more fun to start a new business rather than changing already established companies. It is not only fun but it is also a challenge to get things right.


Although this service industry has been completely new to me, we know that nothing comes easy, so we study intensively and strive hard to get things right.


So this is our process for a new business venture where we learn all these new terms and processes everytime we start a new one. Fortunately, we are in a perfect position. We have a team of professionals who handle all tasks.

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