How would you use $100,000 for advertisement

Every company needs to advertise. I am a big fan of online ads or organic traffic where you can measure results instantly. Startups doing business through online platforms usually advertise by using ads or trying to get organic traffic.

They also try to get as many investors as possible so they can attract the large groups of customers. It is called direct traffic; the company’s services are spread by word of mouth, one way to obtain direct traffic.

This picture is of the company called eshares Inc. (not giving the backlink); based on the CrunchBase data they have received investment from many investors so it is in the investors’ interest to start using their platform. However, they have definitely neglected the organic traffic. This might be due to the fact that their product is great and they don’t need any advertisement. Social and Affiliate marketing is also very low. So I guess that the biggest traffic is from investors and linked to word of mouth which is the greatest low-cost marketing possible.

If you look at another picture, it shows that the organic traffic for company Capshare is the mayor marketing tactic (again I am not giving the backlink in here) for many reasons 🙂

We did our homework; yeah! We spy on our competition! Actually, we have not, and for one reason. When we were coming up with Eqvista, we didn’t really know that we would launch another company. We were just looking at the capitalization table function and realized we could add it to our current company services. It would be offered as extra service so you would be able to manage your shares. The captable is very complex and difficult to code, it is not easy without a solid background and an IT department. Although we already had all of it. Iit took us some time to get to the point where we could make it.

So now, here is the assignment. You have $100,000 to use for advertisement. How would you use it? Would you rather hire an online marketing company, or hire more people to advertise and where you might end up with the wrong campaign and burn all your money just to get a few clients. You would have to constantly invest money into the PPC or even work on the organic traffic. Or would you invest money into the new tool which would encourage and reward your current clients and to also attract additional clients? We have chosen the second choice, we have come up with a way to build up our own tool, based on our current online platform and get it done low-cost. I believe that this is the right way. We do have a marketing department working on our group companies’ websites, however, I take this as a big challenge and an option to get the maximum out of a minimum investment. Since we have branches all around the world, we have easy access to high-quality manpower at a reasonable price.

So here is the upshot: either burn money on the advertisement or, alternatively, come up with an online platform and extend your current services? What would you do?

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