Relocating to another place – How do I create my space?

I have moved several times in the past 15 years. People always ask you, how did you figure it out? How can you manage your life if you move to a completely new city or country? Well, it is very simple. I will cover what you need to do in order to relocate successfully.

First, make sure that you know what you are going to do in that city.  Some people think that they can move to a certain country without a plan. If you are a student, make sure that your university or school has accepted you and you can study. If you are done with a university or former education, make sure that you have a job and a place to stay. If you are starting a business, make sure that you set up a company before arrival and have a plan.

Again, the whole point is to have a plan. Many people don’t have one and of course, it might happen that the plan goes wrong. Of course, it can happen in your home country as well. Nothing ever goes as exactly as planned; the key is to eliminate the odds against you.

So, when I was a student, I already knew which university I would be attending before I arrived in the country of my choice. I knew where I would be living, so I made sure that I would have accommodation for at least the first months, but the whole point of relocating is to be part of the city as soon as possible. You can not relocate and think of finding a school or accommodation after you arrive. Speaking from my experience, I would suggest you do your homework before arrival.

If you are relocating for business reasons, start your company first, prepare by working on it for 3-6 months, secure a visa (this is crucial, there are people living in countries for years as a tourist and re-enter after three months, to prolong their stay). Once you know a lot about the business, you can relocate, get clients and work on your business. It sounds trivial but many of us don’t do that. They think that they relocate and figure out what does work and how to go about it. If you prepare, you save time and money. Efficiency is the key.

So before any relocation; make sure that you know what you are going to do. When I was relocating from Beijing to Hong Kong, I was studying for six months all the Hong Kong company ordinance so I could offer company formation services immediately. I saved a whole six months. Startupr became profitable within three months. The preparation was the key. I can not imagine that I would start my research after I would move to Hong Kong, I would waste six months. I know that you might have a job or other duties but this is the key to the game. When you get home from regular work, you have another 6 hours to study.

I know that this sounds repetitive but don’t neglect the preparation and do your homework. It is not easy, but getting out of your comfort zone. It will pay off! Entrepreneurship is a lonely word; nobody is going to tell you what to do, no one will guide you or support you – these feelings will multiply once you relocate. So make sure that you know exactly what you will be doing and prepare.

For six months I had studied  Hong Kong Company Ordinances following my relocation. I would start my day in the new city as I was completely into work and knew my schedule since I was studying and working on the company; I had a goal, therefore the relocation didn’t distract me. The day would start just as if I was in the original place. It didn’t seem in any way that I was in a new town. I had my company and a plan and had already worked on it for six months.

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