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When you start your company, an idea is all you have. However, Ideas have no value. The key is the execution. When you start looking for investment, you need to have a $$$ amount in your mind. The amount should reflect how much money and what equity you should give up in an exchange of the invested money.

We have current clients at and, and expect to get clients from our existing client base for a shares management platform which is necessary for every company. There also has be some additional way of getting some extra traffic. A free tool might be one of the ways of how to get more clients on our platform. If your company is just and an idea the tool helps any entrepreneur with their company shares.

The free tool should help entrepreneurs to valuate the company before it starts its company and has just an idea. That method should help to come up with the reasonable value which can be presented to an investor. I like the several methods which are the most common; Berkus Method, Scorecard Valuation Method and Running Costs and 20% Growth Method.

Clients might be interested to get valuation for their pre-funded startup and compare it with other startups on the platform (CB). CB offers data through their Pro CB account. We have access to it.  Now you will be able to use 3 method valuations based on your data entry. You will also get comparison values with a similar company in your industry; we have access to around 50,000 companies in any Seed Round investment. So you will get a median and average of the amount invested into a Startup similar to yours. You will also know when the company gets funding – average and median.


How does our new function work?

This is the way it will work:

  • As a 1st step, You will fill out the form: company name, year funded, biz nature (authentic with the scale on CB), name of the founder, contact information,
  • You will fill out login and all data
  • You pass the 3 valuation method; Berkus Method, Scorecard Valuation Method and Running Costs and 20% Growth Method
  • API will put out data from CrunchBase
  • Statistics of the Seed Funding, amount in average, time of founding the company and Investment Seed Fund
  • All your data will be saved in our Platform
  • URL will be:
    • We will display data of the company
    • 3 valuation methods
    • Comparable company in your business sector



  • No money Raised – (under the CB conditions: no seed, no A,B,C Seed funding – we will pull out data from CB platform and ask interested clients to fill the data, so they can get the type of investment made and compare them with CB data.
    This will be saved in the clients account and possibly shared with investors/shareholders/third parties
  • Client will fill out current company value and will be able to compare it with the current company on the CB platform
  • Compare your company value with competitors or who has already raised funds:
  • Average and median funding in the Seed Round

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