Two ways of getting clients and starting a business

Before you even start thinking about your business, remember, it is always better to have a customer before you even write an email or set up your company. The majority of businesses fail due to the lack of clients. The client/customer is the key to any business.

There might be many ways to get a client/customer before you start a business. I would divide it into a few channels:

  • My connections (if you work or already have a relationship in the industry, it’s much easier as you might have client base to start your business)
  • Find a partner who might introduce you to the market. You should learn what the key factor is and how to be better than your competitors

Understand Your Business Niche

The first channel is one of the easiest one if you understand to your industry. When we were starting our import business (this is one of my first company where I was a partner Partneres Ardanas), it was mostly based on our connection with our previous customers. We had a product, and we just distribute them among our clients. We had very sophisticated marketing and brilliant product. However, we knew who our customers are, and we had a chance to present them our product and implement them to their production line.

Getting into Partnership

If you are new to the industry, set up a connection/partnership or find a mentor who will instruct you in the process of building up a product to find a customer. A mentor might be one of the easiest ways as you might make faster decisions in any situation, which is crucial, especially if you are new to the business.

Your business must keep fluid, and you will need to continue to make changes until you find your way up. When we were starting VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) company, I had already a few current clients and a partner from my business Startupr where I knew that we might form a partnership and start a business from the day one. The trust was already built up due to the past experiences, and it was very easy to launch our product.

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