Unitizing our client’s Dashboards – Incparadise, Startupr and Eqvista

As we have several companies in our group, we would like to unitize their platform UX&UI. Based on my own experiences, I think that it is more important to work on the product rather than on the web design. It doesn’t really matter whether you have a cool website design if your product is really bad. The most important part of the business is happening outside the online world. Prior to any successful online project there is the idea. Here at Incparadise, we have handled all services perfectly, meaning, if we receive orders at our backend – inccontact.com, we know how to process it effectively and timely. Since the company has been set up back in 2002, our company website has been redesigned several times from a very generic website to a robust, one-stop solution for any company formation in all 50 states. However, as time goes, we think that it is important to keep up with the trends in the industry and continue with more simpler, modern designs, although I don’t believe that it would actually increase business. It is important to make small changes in order to let our clients know that we are constantly alert making necessary changes in the development of our services.

We want to start first with our front office. Once you set up your company  and you login to our online management system, you will land on the dashboard:


The design has not been changed much, it is still our old, classic design. However, since it was sufficient at the time when the company was set up, there was no need to change it.

Our other company, Startupr, has its own software because the Hong Kong incorporation system and its jurisdiction has a different Company Ordinance compared to our US based company Incparadise. It is a modern platform that we have started coding just two years ago. It is just pure code, and we have not been working on the design as this was not our priority. Our target was to get it done as soon as possible so we can launch our application and start using it. However, the UI looks pretty good!

You can see that the UI&UX is modern.

When we acquired Incparadise we thought what to do next. As we formed all type of companies in all 50 states, we maximized all our options unless we branch out to different countries (for example Singapore). The only way to expand our business in the US was to open a second office in Wyoming and add several services (such as Secretary of State fillings) which had not been offered.

We guess we did a pretty good job. The next move is to come up with services which will assist current companies to also offer a Shares Management platform; this is why we came up with CapTable – management system eqvista.com

With regards to the design, we took the same approach as we did for our previous projects. We didn’t care much about the UI&UX. We focused more on the functionality and the code. We decided that we will offer a more cool design that will gamify the whole boring shares management system.

You can see a big difference, right? We will also try to unify the Incparadise client dashboard with the Eqvista dashboard so that, when you set up a company with us, we would like you to be comfortable switching from one platform to the next without noticing a difference. Incparadise helps you to get the company incorporated, and Eqvista will help you to manage your company shares (CapTable, Warrants, Convertible notes, Company Common/Preferred Shares).

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