Why is it so important to work on many projects at the same time

I have always been a big fan of long working hours, managing many things at the same time. As a successful entrepreneur one must not only be able to concentrate one-hundred percent at all times but also be able to switch seamlessly from one project to any of the others! I’m currently managing several companies at the same time. Each company has its own manager which which is essential, of course, since I do a lot of business development so it is rather challenging to make sure that each company is progressing.

The chance to be successful is very limited, but the more you fail, the more experience you get. However, you should fail only as much as you can afford to. If you work on several projects, you are more likely to get lucky and be successful. This is the reason why you should be working on more than just one project or one company.

When I moved to Hong Kong, I was running several projects and just one got very successful. It was a company providing incorporation services – Startupr.

I know that it’s difficult to manage several businesses or projects, but your chance to be successful increases. I would suggest you learn quickly, starting as many as possible in order to test them in the market. You should not waste your time with meetings or with traveling to an office for the first few months. You can save loads of time by avoiding such unnecessary activities, and focus on what really matters. This is a good example of how you can save around 1.5 working days per week. If you travel to work for 1.5 hour every day and you have meetings for one hour four times a week, you already lose of 10.5 hours precious work time. This is just one example of how to save time. I would suggest to be constantly on the alert for time saving opportunities to increase efficiency. I cannot stress enough how important it is for making your company happen.There will be times when one of your projects or companies will be suffering and that is why you have another project or company to substitute for the downsides.

If you start being super efficient, you increase your chances of working on several companies. Once you develop essential skills and the client base is growing, you can hire employees who can manage your company and you will be able to focus on additional projects. Again, it’s very important that you maintain ultimate efficiency. Your companies must have the direction and a clear vision of where they are going to be within a few years. This is another aspect of managing several companies successfully. It should be constant work and permanent pressure. You need to make sure that you can measure results so you know whether your work technique is heading in the right direction.

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