We have rebuilt IncParadise website

This is our new web.

This is our old web.

I’m so happy that we have finally released our new web for IncParadise. It was quite a significant work as we have over 3,000 pages on this web! Yes, it’s 3,000 pages which had old design.
Neil Patel had advised me not to change anything when I met Neil back in September of 2017. The reason was that you might drop in Google search ranking quite significantly. Well, since we do everything right! I hope that the new code will increase the speed and Google ranking as Google matrix has many variables – the cleanness of the code and speed of reloading your website is quite important.

So here we are, 18months late and we got a new website! The idea was not to change the old UX and refresh UI. As you can see we still keep the colors although not my favorite! We still need to keep the elements of old design since we got over 4,000 clients and they use the system a lot, so I don’t want to confuse them with an entirely new design. I was pushing my team for a long time since they work on many products and projects; we decided to release it this month!

Re-design or not to re-design? Well, don’t break what works! However, innovation and progress are essential parts of every successful company. This is our second biggest change on the client section. I can’t wait to see the clients feedback

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